CHAPTER 1:  Having a Wonderful Time,
                      Wish You Were Here
  Accounts of Mediumship
CHAPTER 2:  A Lily in the Snow
 ​ Ghosts, Hauntings & Spirits Who Drop by
CHAPTER 3:   The Haunted Ravine
    A Nest of Restless Spirits Stalks the Saratoga Battlefield
CHAPTER 4:   Journey's End
​   The Near Death Experience, Negative Entities,
   Mystical Experiences & More Ghostly Encounters
CHAPTER 5:    It's All in Your Head
   Wandering Spirits, Animal Communication,
   Spirit Rescue & Clairaudience
CHAPTER 6:    Mind's of the Future
​   Remote Viewing, Out-of-Body Travel,
   Expanded Consciousness, Clairvoyance & Academic Research
CHAPTER 7:     I Knew That
​   Precognition
CHAPTER 8:     "Say Cheese"
  Inter-Dimensional Photography
CHAPTER 9:     The Science of Weirdness
   Fundamental Science
  Orbs on the Gettysburg Battlefield
  Orbs Surrounding James Van Praagh
  Hallway Orb in Thomas Edison Museum (Print Edition Only)
​  Photography Dept Orbs at Thomas Edison Museum
​  Robed Angelic Figure: Original Photo (Print Edition Only)
  Robed Angelic Figure: Color Corrected Photo
  Robed Angelic Figure: Extreme Color Corrected Photo
List of Chapters & Photographs
Print Edition ISBN  978-0-9887632-0-3
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​Listening to the wounded cry 150 years after the Battle of Gettysburg, seeing solid as you-and-I dead people, mediums revealing family secrets, voices without bodies, spirits who drop by, precognition, remote viewers, visions, near-death experiences, out-of-body travelers, negative entities, spirit rescue, angels, the afterlife, higher selves, orbs, shadow men, columns of light and a lily in the snow.  Such things defy rationality, but they happen.

Gail Godfrey recounts scores of real-life encounters with the supernatural.  Then she sits them alongside bits of science, medical research and paranormal history to create a mesmerizing primer of the unexplained.  Whether you're a graduate student of the supernatural or an apprentice, A Paranormal Reader has something new to say about the dimensions beyond.
                        True Encounters
Mediumship, Ghosts, Consciousness & Science

July 07, 2012

It was another sold out show at the Lonesome Ballroom in downtown Topeka, Kansas. Thanks everyone!

Supernatural Radio Show

​ "Gail does a fantastic job explaining many

   things.  There is so much to this book -- a

   wealth of information.  It's such a great read,

   and so entertaining.  I learned so much."

                                      Corrine De Winter, Host

Mitchell & Mantz Alternative Talk,

1150 KKNW Seattle

"She's a fine writer. A Paranormal Reader is

  fascinating all the way through."

                                      Gary Mantz, Host

Unexplained Phenomenon Radio,

89.3 KZUM Lincoln, NE

 "You have a very engaging style of writing Gail.  

   I think that it's the personal accounts that are

   yours, as well as the anecdotes, that are so

   enjoyable.  You've got a little bit of wit in there

   -- and perhaps more than a little bit, and I

   really enjoyed the collection of stories here."

                                       Scott Colborn, Host

Black Cat Lounge Radio

  "I give your book an A.  Anybody who buys this

    book has such a great overview of the meta-

    physical and paranormal fields."

                                      Tim Shaw, Host 

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About the Author
Gail Godfrey lives in New Jersey, near old battlefields, historic places and footpaths of the dead.  As a child her parents taught her to see the world beyond, and today she loves nothing more than to gather tales of the true but unexplained.